VoIP Telecommunications Services

Great place to work at! The Beta Factor was born there and besides being the perfect venue to start up a business, what I enjoy the most is the people working there and the atmosphere.

Lela Yañez

Voip Telecom

Cómodo Telecom, based in Palma de Mallorca, provides a quality VoIP telecommunications solution for businesses. Our service includes professional and extensive PBX (i.e. private telephone network) functionality and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) capabilities.

In combination with our attractive calling rates, our telecoms service is to be considered one of the better telecom solutions in Palma de Mallorca.

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Applicable monthly rates
12,00 Per Telephone Number
6,50 Per Extension/Phone
4,75 Full PBX Functionality (incl. On-hold music)
8,00 IVR Activation
Preferred Equipment rates
143,90 Professional IP Phone (POE) with 6 lines (incl. Full PBX capability)
89,70 Professional IP Phone (POE) with 3 lines (incl. Full PBX capability)
76,25 Professional IP Phone (POE) with 2 lines (incl. Full PBX capability)

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